Terms And Conditions

Login Limit: You can only log in to 2 computers per account, and one account should be used by one person (you) only. Your account may be banned if you share with multiple people.

Fair Usage: Our accounts are for light users only, who just need to do some checks everyday. Please don’t join if1) you’re a power user who needs to use the tools heavily everyday or for your own tools, or 2) you run an agency and want to give access to all member in your team. In these cases, a shared account will never meet your demands. You may use all monthly resources of our accounts and other members have nothing left to use.

Cancellation: To cancel membership, cancel your Paypal auto payment. When you cancel automatic payment on PayPal, your account will continue to use until the end of time remaining.

Accounts Issues And Limits: There’re some issues that sometimes happen to our accounts, such as members changing passwords, cancel our account subscriptions, or abuse them in other ways causing downtime. Certain accounts have their own monthly limits, for example Majestic has credits per month and when credits run out you can’t use some features such as exporting backlinks or using bulk checker tool. In this case, you have to wait until accounts are renewed. These issues are beyond our control. For whatever reasons, we’ll change our accounts info to protect them. If you have any issues, quickly contact us. We’re usually aware of any issues and guarantee that we’re doing everything within our power to solve problems ASAP. Do not panic and cancel your subscription!

Refund Policy:

1, If you want to leave our group buy for any reasons, you must cancel before you are billed the next cycle. If you forget to cancel, we only refund 3/4 of the fee, within 3 days after the automatic payment.

2, Our accounts doesn’t work for you and we can’t help solve your problem within the first 3 days when you subscribe. Note that we meant our accounts, not our method to distribute accounts. If you don’t like they way we send you account, we’ll only refund half (because it just works, you just don’t like how it works). In other words, this is 3 days money back guarantee if our accounts are not working.

PayPal will use these terms and policies you agreed to in their investigation during any disputes for refunds etc so save yourself the time and effort.